Horsforth residents angry over £50 home parking plan

by Samantha Hepworth

A Horsforth couple are in uproar over the possibility of paying £50 to park outside their own home.

John Waters, 74 and his wife Elizabeth, 70, from Lee Lane West, are upset about the proposals by Leeds City Council  who are considering charging £50 for a parking permit in a residential area, per car.

Mrs Waters said: “We pay a great deal in council tax, we pay car tax, fuel tax and I think it is an imposition, it’s just a step too far -and a lot of money if you are paying for two cars.”

Residents living on Lee Lane West have had parking problems for the last 10 years, which ended in them being issued free parking permits two years ago.

Mrs Waters said: “The lane has been increasing in congestion for ten years, people were parking on both sides of the road and you could not get your car in or out of your drive.”

Coun Richard Lewis, executive member for development and the economy, said:  “As a council we are currently facing unprecedented financial constraints on our budget, and as such are having to explore all options in which to meet this challenge.”

Families like the Waters are worried that if this plan does go ahead  what does the future hold, as Mr Waters said: “We appreciate that the council has to make savings, but a £50 fee would seem very wrong.

“It does seem unfair if this fee is the second highest throughout the country, it would be interesting to see how what other councils are charging”.

And Mrs Waters added: “£10 would be more reasonable but I still object to it – and even then with a parking permit it does not guarantee you a place outside your house.”

Leeds City Council have not made a decision yet  and said: “Residents parking is one avenue that we wish to explore through a public consultation, because while we still need to address those areas where residents tell us they are having problems parking, there is currently a significant cost to implementing and maintaining residential parking zones.

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