New art space for Hepworth Gallery

Hepworth Gallery Mill

Hepworth Gallery Mill

By Jon Cronshaw

The Hepworth Wakefield is celebrating its second birthday with the
announcement of a new 600 square metre contemporary art space that
will open this later this summer.

The ground floor of Caddies Wainwright Mill, a 19th century former
textiles mill on the River Calder, has been transformed into a new
contemporary art space.

The space’s first exhibition will be Turner Prize-nominated artist,
Roger Hiorns, who will exhibit his entire body of Youth works for the
first time.

Simon Wallis, Director of The Hepworth Wakefield said: “We’re
delighted with the wonderful opportunity to create an inspirational
new space in a historic building that will complement and enhance what
we currently offer as the wider site develops here. It will further
energise our inspiring location, through a programme of renowned
artists, performances, events and learning activities. This new
development enhances the regeneration of the waterfront by animating
these exceptional historic mill buildings.”

Coun Peter Box of Wakefield Council said: “I am delighted to see the
historic waterfront mill buildings being used in a creative and
engaging way.”

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