Residents’ fears over Rawdon mill development

By Shaun Moloney

Residents in Greenacre Park are worried about a proposal to build 125 new houses on the site of a derelict mill in Rawdon.


Plans have been unveiled by property developer David Wilson Homes to build the new homes on the  Naylor Jennings mill site on Green Lane.

Residents who live on Greenacre Park have expressed concerns over the likelihood of an increase in traffic.

Charles Haigh, 62, said: “I’m not impressed by these proposals one bit. Green Lane gets ridiculous queues of traffic as it is without additional housing adding to it. For large portions of the day many of the local roads are gridlocked.

“People driving down this road are not exactly slow and we get a fair number of emergency ambulances too.”

Graham Powson, 59, said: “With the local schools there are kids coming across Green, which is already an extremely busy road. When I first moved here thirty years ago this used to be a normal road, but now it is used frequently by wagons.”

Suggestions made at the April 27 pre-application consultation included traffic lights or a roundabout is being suggested for the main entrance, with a second entrance from Focus Way.

A second issue is that of ecological importance as local residents are keen to protect the ponds in the conservation area.

David Turner, 45, said: “They should build these houses somewhere else. The ponds were an ideal place for me to walk my dog, and I’ve heard the plans involve building over that. It’s a nice little area.”

Coun Graham Latty (Con, Rawdon) said: “As local councillors the concerns we are putting to the developers are focused on traffic control to the entrance of the site. Green Lane is an extremely fast road and far too narrow for the speeds people use.

 “Traffic is the primary concern, in particular residential areas such as Greenacre Park which is opposite the mill. We have requested that trees be planted on the stretch of green so that the houses will be protected from noise intrusion. It is a brownfield site so it is accepted that something needs to be done with it before it become irretrievable, the concerns over residents over the ponds are also being taken into consideration. ”

But some residents welcome the chance to get rid of an eyesore that is quickly deteriorating.

Maurice Wilkinson, 82, said: “Traffic would be my only bugbear, but for me just let them build it, it won’t be a problem Will be nice to get rid of the ugly old mill.”

Residents wishing to voice concerns may wish to attend a forum at Rawdon Littlemoor School tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7pm.

No one from David Wilson homes was available to comment.



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