Fears over future of council-run care home

By Shaun Moloney & Ed Watson

Worried families of residents at a care home in Yeadon demanded clarity on Leeds council’s plans to turn it into a short-stay facility.

Suffolk Court will no longer be a full time care home if council proposals are passed in September – which could force current residents to find a new home.

A meeting at Suffolk Court this afternoon gave family members and residents an opportunity to speak directly to Michele Tynan and Dennis Holmes, the Chief Executive and Deputy Director of Adult Social Care for Leeds City Council.

Roy Salmon, 60, who helped arrange the meeting and whose mother lives in the care home believes families are scared for the futures of their relatives.

He said: “People in the meeting are very worried about their relatives’ continual care. This place is nice, friendly and home to over 33 people.”

The key issue raised at the meeting was whether residents would be forced to move from the care home.

Mr Salmon said: “We’ve received some assurances they will not be forced to move where they don’t want to go, but there are no other care homes in Yeadon because they’ve all closed down.”

Before any plans can be finalised the council must come to an agreement with the NHS about how they wish to use the home.

Mr Salmon continued: “I don’t feel we have a definitive answer because they don’t have one from the NHS.

“It would have been beneficial to get an answer for what they want to do first before causing people in the home all the distress they are doing.”

Mrs Tynan and Mr Holmes, the council representatives on the day, declined to comment.

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