Horsforth cafe’s community centre dream

by Daniel Lynch

A Horsforth cafe is expanding next door in a bid to become a community hub.  

The Courtyard Cafe, which is staffed by volunteers with learning disabilities, hope to use the vacant space next door as an activity centre.
Jodie, a senior care worker at the cafe, said that the space could become a community based activity centre.
She said: “Nothing’s certain yet though. We hope to open it to anybody with a talent for teaching things like drama or yoga to come in and deliver classes not only to people with learning disabilities, but to the wider community.”
The cafe is currently attended by 21 volunteers but there is space for 30 in total and Jodie said there are still referrals coming through for new staff.
She added: “A lot of people still don’t know we’re here, but the support from customers in Horsforth has been great and we have plans to develop a service for local businesses to phone in orders for collection.”
Watch this video for more.
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2 Responses to Horsforth cafe’s community centre dream

  1. col says:

    Interesting.Where in Horsforth is this cafe please?

  2. Ben Thomas says:

    Hi Col! The café is at 96 Town Street in Horsforth, you can also find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/courtyardhorsforth?ref=hl

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