Wonderstuff duo come to Otley

Otley will be going dizzy for The Wonder Stuff when the 90’s seminal band becomes two for their acoustic show next week.

Lead singer of The Wonder Stuff Miles Hunt 46, from Shropshire will be playing alongside violinist Erica Nockalls at Kork’s Bar on May 17.

We caught up with him to talk about their new albumOh No Its…..The Wonder Stuff , why he never plays Dizzy  in live gigs and how much he is looking forward to reteuning to the town.

The Black Country singer produced the album himself hoping it will become a fans favourite. Miles said: “The acoustic stuff is more about a bloke in his mid-forties having a moan. So other than moaning I have kept the new album upbeat. It’s nice actually – a lot of the print reviews are very positive about it.”

The duo have been playing together since 2008 – which allows the pair ro perform more of their projects.

But Miles said: “We’ve played in Otley before, it was a really lovely crowd. I enjoy these gigs because we can play from a huge collection and it’s a bit different. But The Wonderstuff still win out every time for me. ”

One song Miles enjoys playing acoustically is Here Comes Everyone taken from the bands third album Never Loved Elvis. He said: “It is completely different from the album’s version; we give it a bit more body.”

They will also be playing songs from their latest album – but Miles admits to not playing all their old songs anymore, he said: “Some of our songs I don’t even know how to play now.”

One song he will not be covering is Dizzy,, as comedian Vic Reeves sang the lead vocals on their only number one hit.

At the Otley show you can expect to see Miles enjoying plenty of interactions with the crowd -telling stories between songs, witty banter and songs to sing along to. He said: ”  Some fans try and wind me up and that is fine”.

The band formed in 1986, and their first EP A Wonderful Day was financed when original bassist – Rob Jones won the football pools.  Miles is now the only original member remaining and has been touring with Erica on the acoustic circuit since 2008.

Hits include Dizzy, Size of a Cow, Caught in my Shadow and Full of Life.

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