Wartime Horsforth couple celebrate 70 years of undying love


Maurice and Nohra Faye on theirwedding day

Maurice and Norah Fray on their wedding day

by Andreas Mullings

A WARTIME couple separated just one day after their wedding celebrating a lifetime of love last week – their platinum wedding anniversary.  

Maurice Fray, 92 and Norah, also 92 have celebrated 70 years together with their family last week on April, 24.

Mr and Mrs Fray first met a dance hall in Leicester, where they first lived.

They married in 1943 in Blaby during the Second World War when Mr Fray was able to visit home from his service in the Royal Engineers.

Mrs Fray, who at the time was working as part of the Land Army said: “After the wedding he had to go straight back the next day. We only got to see each other four times in five years until after the war, it was very hard.”

They moved to Leeds in 1959 after the war so Mr Fray could pursue his painting career at Leeds College of art where he taught decorating to artists and engineers.

Mr Fray said: “We celebrated by going to a restaurant called The White Hart in Poole. We couldn’t take the entire family because there are just too many of them.”

They received a letter from the queen to celebrate their platinum anniversary.

Mr and Mrs Fray currently have three sons, Barry, Robert and Richard and eight grandchildren with nine great grandchildren.

Mrs Fray said: “There are just so many of them, it’s hard to keep count.”

Since retiring in 1984 Mr Fray has become the chairman of Horsforth Art Society.

Maurice Young, chairman of Horsforth Art Society

Maurice Young, chairman of Horsforth Art Society

Mrs Fray enjoys playing piano and needlework while helping with Mr Fray’s art.

Mr Fray said: “She is an inspiration to me and keeps me going.”

The secret to their long marriage he says is: “Patience, relationships always have their ups and downs, but that’s life. You just have to get through. And she’s a good cook.”

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