Review: Ibsen’s Ghosts, from Adel Players

by James Grayson

Dark secrets come back to haunt the characters at the centre of Henrik Ibsen’s classic Ghosts, in a moving production by Adel Players.


Emotional, but funny at times, the five-member cast kept the audience entertained throughout the hour-and-a-half production.

The story revolves around the return of Mrs Alving’s (Dianne Newby) son Oswald (Chris Andrews) from Paris and her decision to sponsor a children’s home, named in honour of her late husband.

Pastor Manders (Rob Colbeck) is there to see through the opening of it, but dark secrets soon begin to be revealed, meaning life will never be the same for all five characters.

By the end, Mrs Alving is left with an impossible decision that leaves the audience in tears.Added to the cast’s fine performances, the set brings the story to life and transports us back to the late 1800s.

Having recently received funding for new stage lighting, the Adel Players ensured that their first production under them was a big success.

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